It just does.
No seriously, it does!

Shadow Egg Cups Step 1


your shadow egg cup on a stable surface.
A table would be a great place to start,
but any fairly level surface will do.

Shadow Egg Cups Step 2


an egg into the cut-out.
Brown, white, small, large, doesn't matter really.
You'll want to have it boiled though...

Shadow Egg Cups Step 3

Et voila!

Enjoy your egg.
You're now an egg cup master.

I know enough. To the webshop please!

Just like a classic egg cup.

Just not as classic.


The egg cups are designed to look exactly like the shadow the egg casts when lit from the side. They offer a smart and stylish way of enjoying your breakfast.
The shadow egg cups will hold your egg in place while you’re dipping away with your soldiers. (That's breakfast jargon for toast cut in long rectangles)
As straightforward as a classic egg cup, just not as classic.
At only 3mm (1/8”) thick, these are stored away like a breeze.

Shadow Egg Cups by Notorus


Ken Van Leekwyck (1988) is based in Antwerp.
In late 2014 he designed the 'shadow egg cup'.
After a year of developing the product and its packaging he launched the Notorus design label, with more homeware products coming very soon.

Notorus autograph

PS: Antwerp is a nice city in Belgium, which is not the capital of Brussels.


Notorus loves this planet.

Oh yeah, did we mention that our packaging is all done manually?
And that it uses PET instead of PVC, water based ink and FSC certified wood to limit environmental impact?

Locally produced

All designing, production and packaging takes place in Belgium.
There, that's said.


Any questions? B2B proposals?
We love those!